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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coming back...

It's been far too long since real thoughts and ideas have been on this blog. I have pictures and stories to share - but really - it'll take a bit to get back in the swing of things. For today - I have a list of things I'm thinking about...and what I could really use:

A bowl of...Fruity Pebbles
A plate of...finger sandwiches
A stack of...new pretty papers
A room full of...good books and comfy chairs
A box of...Ding Dongs (Hostess style)
Tickets to...a funny show
A copy of...Ponyo
A set of...paper punches
A book of...inspiring ideas
A day to...watch movies to prepare for the Oscars

Feel free to recreate this list on your blog/facebook page/journal. I'd love to read what you're needing today...

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