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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Which do YOU prefer?

When faced with the following options, my choices are in bold...and italics. Just in case you couldn't tell by the bold. I just like to be thorough. You know me.

Chocolate or raisins

Ketchup or mustard

Blue or green

Purple or yellow

Dogs or cats

Manta rays or sea horses

Cows or horses

Drums or guitars

Flutes or trombones

Crayons or markers

Batman or Superman

Climbing up or sliding down

Baths or showers

Shouting or whispering

Quarter or penny

I know this isn't terribly entertaining or exciting. But I needed to post something. I'm not apologizing here, I'm just saying...


Granelda Thudpucker said...

good to know

grannybabs said...

We are well-matched! (except I prefer cats to dogs)

Malia , aka - Smalgina said...

For being your Doppelganger I was surprised that we only matched 7 out of 15...not even 50%! Quite interesting.