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Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break...

Clearly - life here in the Parlor has been slow - and quiet. But in case you were wondering, here's what I've been up to for Spring Break 2009:

I was asked by some dear friends to house/dog sit for them while they're in Flordia. Their dog, Ginger, and I have been having a great time. She's very mellow and affectionate and we get along great. The house is huge and gorgeous and quite peaceful...

I have been reading a lot! It's so quiet here - that I've finished three books and still have quite a pile of books to enjoy!

On Tuesday afternoon, I joined my friend Dana in leading a music workshop for our senior Primary kids. I taught two "sessions" - Introduction to Conducting and Get to know the Songbook. Dana taught Theory and an Introduction to the Organ. We had some very sweet kids join us and we had a lot of fun. Then we had Cherry Floats for the treats...and that ain't bad!

I had a delicious dinner at Five Guys - and yes, it really IS that good. Should you be coming to visit sometime soon - this would be part of the culinary tour. Assuming, of course, that you like meat and deep fried things. And aren't allergic to peanuts...

I spent a little time at the Beaverton City Library- where I totally forgot to update my account, but was able to replenish my pile of books. I really don't like the feeling of not having a book to
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