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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A weekend trip

Last weekend I took a trip to Nauvoo, Illinois and really only got to see and do a fraction of all there is to do - but for me - it was a perfect weekend.

I drove the four hours from Shorewood to Nauvoo in this:
It looks like a painting, doesn't it? But no - it's for reals!

Then I checked in to the Woodruff Hotel and this was the view from my private porch:
The room was wonderful and the service was so friendly and helpful.

Once I was all checked in, I headed down to the Visitor's Center and joined the Wagon Tour of Historic Nauvoo:
It was very well done, although I don't think the three under a year old were able to fully
appreciate it - since they were taking turns sharing their displeasure.

After the hour long tour, I hustled back to the room to change and make the 4:00 session at the Temple.
I know there are prettier pictures of the temple, but this is what I saw - and it was just so lovely. It was so beautiful and a perfect addition to the day. I will also say that the workers at this temple may be the friendliest I've encountered. At every turn there was a friendly face ready to make sure you knew where you were headed. So great.

After the temple - I went back to the hotel to change again - and head for dinner:
I have to imagine that during the busy season this place is quite packed - because it was very busy on Saturday night - and the "season" had ended the weekend before. The people watching was a very rich experience.

From dinner I headed down to the Sunset by the Mississippi show - which was the last one for the year. It was very well done with lots of talented people. I sat with some senior missionary couples and had a great time. I also needed a sweater for the first time this summer. Clearly autumn is on its way.

On Sunday morning, I got up and enjoyed some breakfast at the hotel - out on the lovely patio:
Seriously - I loved the location! Such a beautiful and peaceful morning.

I checked out of the hotel, and went on a self guided exploration of the Nauvoo buildings.
Most were closed until later in the afternoon - but it was fun to just walk the streets and imagine what it might have been like to be in Nauvoo in 1844ish.

I then walked the "Trail of Hope" - and unlike the early Saints who had to flee Nauvoo - I did it alone.
Here is the view from the "Trail" looking back to the Nauvoo Temple in the distance on the hill.
The "Trail of Hope" leads to the edge of the Mississippi River where the Saints crossed the river, leaving everything they'd built and loved behind. It really was such a moving experience. I loved being there. Every few yards there are plaques with excerpts from the journals and diaries of those who had no choice but to walk the "Trail." Such a beautiful Sabbath morning.

From there I headed back to the Visitor's Center and enjoyed the exhibits and films. Once those were done, it was time to head to church. I joined the Nauvoo Third Ward (really) and it was a great meeting.

The whole weekend was wonderful - and really left me wanting more. I cannot wait to go back and see and do all the Nauvoo adventures.

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Oh, please come back so I can get a second chance to join you!