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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Making things up...

So apparently I look like I know what I'm doing - because today I went out to Camp Namanu to run some Arts & Crafts for a bunch of CampFire clubs...in Boy Scouts they're patrols, in Girl Scouts they're called troops. Anyway - people asked me questions all day - and I just made stuff up, as I wasn't in charge and didn't know anything about the weekend, except that I was helping with some crafts.

But seriously - I do this all the time and it makes me laugh and it makes me worry. Should I know more about what's going on so that I don't just make it up? Or should I just say "I don't know" and walk away? Why do I have to "look" like I am in charge - this is actually a fairly sick thing. I guess it just comes back to me being super bossy. And that I'm okay with. I'm also okay with being wrong. I've really become okay with the fact that if I say something and it turns out to be wrong...that's cool. I made a mistake and that's it. A big deal isn't made and I don't have to justify why I said the wrong thing...it was wrong - let's move on. I am actually boggled by people who can't be wrong or have to make it clear that they weren't exactly WRONG just misinformed...or whatever. Jerks.

It was really great to be out at camp again. Now that it's Fall, it's a whole new kind of beautiful. There were about 45 kids there today and we sang songs, played a few games, and had some activity rotations for the afternoon. We made symbolgrams (each kid got to design their own symbol to tell people about who they are) and then commemorative banners as a souvenir of the weekend. They were going to decorate t-shirts, but all we had were adult extra larges, so we cut up some different colored cotton fabric and let the kids go wild. We had fabric markers in the rainbow of colors as well as glitter and glow in the dark puff paint. My hands still have glitter on them! After dinner and council fire we held a dance and I helped teach the Virginia Reel. Did you know that I know how to do that? Well, I do. We had such fun and wore the kids out. But the best part of the day was getting caught up on all the camp gossip...oh yeah...I love gossip

To recap: I make things up, don't like people who can't be wrong, and I love gossip


Deeder V said...

I am very curious about the symbolgrams - what kinds of things did kids come up with? Did you make one? I wanna see.

Miss Five said...

I didn't make a symbolgram of my own - but the kids used a lot of traditional CampFire symbols of hearts, arrows, flames, mountains, trees, and we talked about their different meanings and how the meaning can change based on the color of each symbol.

Sorry that I don't have anything to show.

lisa v. clark said...

You should save some of that glitter to scare Eric with on Halloween.